We are dancing and advancing to the light, Play it right.

Just a simple music share today from a band we can't stop spinning all morning. thanks Taylor. and thank you Sylvan Esso.

"Representing the fulfillment of their fortuitous encounter by, once again, linking parts that too often come stripped of their counterparts. Here, motion comes with melody. Words come with ideas. And above all, pop comes back with candor. " –words by Sylvan Esso It was an honor to team up with these talented artists. Even from the very beginning, they were enthusiastic and passionate; we were fueled by their commitment to quality and craft—everything so intentional. One of the amazing things about working with these guys is the collaborative spirit, everyone pushing people to their best. From the styling by Dear Hearts, additional performances by Leah & Will, and the whole crew that made this piece come to life, we are extremely stoked on what it turned into! — Directed by Remedy & Sylvan Esso Filmed and Edited by Remedy Produced by Martin Anderson & Will Hackney Lights by Nicholas Sanborn Styled by Dear Hearts Additional lighting by Matt Moore Dancers: Leah Wilks and Will Hackney Thanks to: Frank Heath and Andy Young —

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