Bar Development. Cocktail and Beverage Menu. Bar, Lounge, and Deck design. Operations, Service, and Atmospherics

This place was a diamond before we even got there. Having been INITIALLY designed by Studio PCH Architects, it was a stunning display of sophisticated and airy modernism. Clean lines, light wood, and views everywhere you looked. You could sit in a room with no furniture and still feel inspired.

It had gone through a few different potential operators and themes before landing on the final Nikita concept. We partnered with NYC's Greg Seider on overseeing Nikita Malibu's launch and Bar, Lounge, and outdoor deck Program. With Seider engaged as the Executive Bar Director we worked to redesign the existing bar, plan and design the deck bar expansion, and work with the Architect and ownership on creating layouts, atmosphere and experience. 

Located right on Carbon Beach off the PCH, and sharing property with world renowned Nobu, Nikita has become a go to destination for Southern California with it's stunning views, world class bar program and a menu by Michelin stared Chef Massilimiano Blasone.