The Greens Country Club

Branding. Market Repositioning. Digital, Collateral, & Physical Design. Growth Strategy.

What began as an initial request to update the logo and suggest a facelift for one of the pool decks evolved into a full agency engagement and an endeavor to redo, remake, and reposition the brand. 

A well known club already, with a a strong heritage membership, The Greens was looking to grow its base both outward and upward. We recognized the traditional Country Club model had a generational shelf life that it was quickly approaching. The goal was to bring the entire experience up to the level heritage members expected from a private luxury club as well as creating new amenities and social collateral aimed at attracting the current and upcoming generation of young professionals, new families, influencers, incubators, and the next set of legacy members.

We worked with ownership and leadership to create a multi-year scaled up initiative that covered everything from new membership amenities, redesigning and remodeling several areas of the property and facilities, digital, social, and marketing strategies and upgrades, onsite and offsite engagement and activation, membership and non membership functions and events, F&B evolution and expansion, new website, and of course... the new logo and the pool(s).