OWNERSHIP, Concept Development, OPERATIONS.

OPENING SPRIng 2020, SUEÑO WILL Be One of our first FEW flagships in the midwest.

Sueño is inspired by the traditions and culture of Mexico’s burgeoning culinary scenes and spaces. A new revolution is underway, spurred on by innovative local chefs, hoteliers, architects, designers, eco-vintners and craft distillers who are redefining Mexican identity. At Sueño, we pay homage to the dreamers and doers that are challenging norms and crafting a new culinary narrative south of the border.

From mezcal-soaked Oaxaca and metropolitan Mexico City in the south, to fertile Valle de Guadalupe in the north’s coastal Baja region, a romance with modern Mexican food and drink has caught fire for The IC, and a proper Midwest introduction is heating up.

The corn is the starting point. It’s the base idea of creating with intention and with the best, most impactful ingredients we can get our hands on, then moving outward and upward. We look at how every product is grown, raised, cultivated, and sourced. The beauty is in how we prepare, treat, highlight, and deliver it with both a sense of reverence and a sense of joy and curiosity. Working to create a culinary foundation committed to an ongoing, dynamic engagement with our farmers and ranchers and vendors, we bring product into our kitchens that will both lift and satisfy our guests.

This relational approach permeates every aspect of the business. We work to be a keystone in proving that good ingredients, good people, and good relationships matter more in life than a quick buck.