We are designers, restauranteurs, brand architects, business strategists, music enthusiasts, visual aficionados, design psychologists, developers of cool space, and ambassadors of the collective network. These skills and passions we’ve melded to provide a full service creative firm for the progressive industry.

Through idea generation, cultural insight, and pinpointing the brands assets, we create a growth strategy for our clients. This information gives us the blueprint to build Brand Identity and Credibility through marketing and advertising initiatives, physical design, product, packaging, and consumer strategy through experience driven environments, like-minded creative partnerships, visual collateral, tactile design, and social interactions. 

Our non-traditional approach develops constant connections between people and brands. Quite simply we create with purpose.

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Jeremie Kittredge. Taurus. Bearded.

Jeremie has spent the last 16 years developing fully formed Concepts through the perspective of the psychology of the consumer. From business modeling and market development to physical, tactile design, atmosphere development, and sensory driven touch points to cross-promotional collaboration, and multi-industry partnered events, he's worked to develop well known brands as well as bring up and coming brands into national and international awareness. He’s methodically obsessive over the impact sensory driven details have on human behavior. Ask him about lighting, you’ll spend the day discussing how a single bulb can move you. He approaches experience design from a position of lifestyle and emotion first.

From architectural concept design, product development, packaging, and service standards, to the brand voice, message, and cohesiveness, Jeremie has worked to develop the Brand Strategy across all points of consumer contact from businesses in F&B and Hospitality, Fashion and Retail, Branded Events and Festivals, and Mixed-Use Urban Renewal projects. He's designed and developed stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, city centers, events, festivals and homes. Spending over a decade experiencing, working with, developing, operating, and enjoying the product of some of America’s best chefs and bar owners in addition to fashion, retail, and event development, Jeremie brings a unique perspective to the idea of interconnectivity between F&B programs, cross brand collaboration with like minded partners, and the meeting of all aspects of experience through atmosphere and lifestyle to multi product projects.

Jeremie's degrees are in Chemistry and Classics, neither of which he'll tell you he uses. But during initial planning of a project he’s as likely speak to the chemical reactions the brain has when responding to scent, sound, or light as he his to discuss the Roman architecture ethos of Build it once, Use it twice. He’s passionate about developing the way someone feels about a brand, a product, a space.

He will also out pitmaster your pitmaster 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Or at least once. Get a brisket and see what happens... The Wall Street Journal wrote an article on his Chili Frito Pie recipe. Think about that one for a minute.

Before The Idea Collective Jeremie was the Director of Stores and Brand Development for Billy Reid. In his role he worked to develop the internal messaging, designs, layouts, and overall atmosphere and experience of the flagship stores as well as expansion and growth markets, product development, consumer insights, branded partnerships and initial wholesale launch. He worked on collaborations, partnerships, and events with Bloomingdales, GQ, Fashion's Night Out, SXSW, Shindig, Southern Foodways Alliance, K-Swiss, Levi’s, and Stetson, as well as F&B collaborations with Mike Lata, Sean Brock, John Currence, and Alabama Gulf Seafood.

Prior to that Jeremie was an Analyst and Consultant over publicly traded specialty apparel brands where he was responsible for developing repositioning strategies covering design, product, pricing, and marketing for growth and perception of the brand.

Jeremie got his start working for the corporate offices of Abercrombie and Fitch where he held multiple roles including New Stores, Design and Development, Brand Launch, Regional Oversight, and Market Growth. Though he did not pick the blasting music and overwhelming room spray, he did encourage those things in the beginning... 

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Ginger Roddick. Virgo. Redhead.

With over 15 years experience in Brand Building, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Fashion and Design, Ginger’s experience and expertise is both broad and deep. She approaches projects, concepts, and ideas from a “why not” perspective rooted in a solid foundation of success. Ginger specializes in The Big Idea. She can overhear a single detail in a prospective conversation and 12 months later the brand is up, the word is out, you’re on Letterman...

Representing and Developing International Brands, Global Hotels and Resorts, Celebrity Athletes, and a long list of multi industry clients, Ginger finds the most important and relevant components of the client, project, property, and develops an internal culture that becomes the public perception.

Ginger’s work across all avenues of Brand Development, Market Placement, Fashion, Luxury Retail, Global Messaging, Product Placement, Integrated Brand Partnerships, Design, and Event Creation adds to the multi-layered services that The Idea Collective is able to deliver. Working with designers at New York and New Zealand fashion Week, Developing apparel collections for clients, and securing national and international media placement. She has worked with Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and photography duo Marcus and Indrani.

Prior to The Idea Collective Ginger was the Brand Manager and Public Relations for American tennis player Andy Roddick. As the AR Brand and Public Relations Manager, Ginger worked within a global office place comprised of ATP – including representatives in North American, Asia, Australia, and Europe and USTA – Davis Cup, and US Open. She secured national and international endorsement, sponsorship, placement deals and launch events with such companies as American Express, Lexus, Reebok, Lacoste (USA) & Lacoste Chemise, Rolex International, AT&T, Arizona Beverage, SAP, PowerAde and Babolat. She also secured media placement for AR on: Leno, Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, Fox Morning Show and as host for Saturday Night Live. W Magazine (Collectors Edition with Madonna Cover), Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ, Interview Magazine, People’s Sexiest Man, Vanity Fair, Hampton’s Magazine (Cover), Teen Vogue “Hottest Male Athlete”, Ocean Drive, 2006 People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, 2004 People Magazine’s 50 Hottest Bachelors issue 2003 People’s Most Intriguing People of the Year, Men’s Fitness (Cover), Teen People, Seventeen, Details (Cover), Outside Magazine (Cover). Managed appearance at the ESPY’s and responsibilities as pre ESPY host at the Playboy Mansion.

Before that Ginger was a Client and Project Manager for one of most respected hospitality PR Firms in North America, The Zimmerman Agency, a full service agency with an integrated approach to Advertising (Creative, Media Planning and Buying) where Ginger provided strategic council and tactical initiatives to some of Zimmerman’s leading brands. Some of her clients included Bertram Yachts, Sawgrass Marriott Resort & Spa, Continental and General tires (consumer division), Marriott Rewards Program, The Diplomat, Don Cesar Beach Resort, Emerald Coast, Florida's Space Coast (included taking journalist on tours of NASA ). 

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David Kittredge. Aries. Inked.

David is an audiophile, cinephile, photophile, technophile, designophile, philophile... For the past 14 years he’s worked to develop everything for Touring Musicians, Filmmakers, Photo Campaigns, Event Development, Space Design, and full spectrum Brand Campaigns. David is synesthetic, which in his case means he sees colors and shapes when he thinks of letters, numbers, words, memories, and associates those colors and textures with sound.

David approaches projects from the perspective of “How will it make you feel” first. He’s been tapped for projects where the goal is to connect seemingly disjointed components of multiple sensory or touch points; spanning Audio, Visual, Interactive, and Logistical Flow; and bringing them together into a coherent, and strongly memorable cohesion. He firmly believes in, and consistently has proven, The Sum Can be, Is, and Should be, Greater than it’s parts.

As a professional touring musician for over 8 years David has shared the stage with the likes of Dave Matthews, Josh Kelly, Blue October, Moses Mayfield, Kid Rock, Moby, Rabbit in the Moon and more. He’s ran sound, sound engineered, mixed, and mastered for countless musicians, Live Venues, Music Festivals, and Dance clubs.

David spent 6 years in Austin and 2 years living in NYC working on Concept Development, Production, and getting to know some of the more interesting and up and coming Social spaces, Fashion Events, Pop Up Concepts, and F&B programs in preparation for launching The Idea Collective. David is Also the co-founder of The Buffalo Lounge, a statewide initiative to showcase Oklahoma Film, Music and Interactive industries. It has been called Oklahoma's Creative Lighthouse after its now 4 years running strong.

In addition to Sound and Film, David is also responsible for tech development programs for our clients. Experienced in Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut, Premier and After Effects, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, he can also spell Hello on a calculator...

In his extensive touring and event development years David had the opportunity to see, work with, and help develop some of the most well respected and relevant national venues. It was during this time David discovered his passion and talent for full design and experience integration, becoming deeply involved in how the details of perception can move people.

Prior to The Idea Collective David was a founding member of Austin based band MeridianWest, as well as Event Consultant, Songwriter, and Sound and Computer Engineer.

Prior to that David was an international man of Mystery. He hates black licorice, loves music, and does not wear skinny jeans (hey, he’s lean, and his jeans fit, doesn’t make them skinny jeans...)