Decatur & Sons

Concept & Design

Chelsea Market and Jamestown properties approached us to concept out a brand aligned barber shop as part of their 2012/2013 expansion. To be housed in a former mechanical storage room and without a secured tenant, the first goal was an "if you build it they will come" challenge.

Over the course of four months and countless meetings on design (I remember someone recommending it resemble a James Perse Store...) they found the perfect tenant: Thorin Decatur. A 3rd generation barber, and one of NYC's most sought after blade slingers.

Thorin's vision for what he wanted circled back to our original design proposal (that cartoonish drawing down there was the quick first sketch during the original meeting with Chelsea Market). Clean, Classic, and a hint of weird, to pay homage to past men's shops as well as the history of the room we were building in. Steam pipes left in view, the original scalloped ceiling exposed, metal shop lamps, and antique chairs brought in to complete space.