Burke & Wills

Concept Realization. Atmosphere/Experience Details. Design Plans.

After working with the owners of NYC's Manhattan Cricket Club, we were approached to look over their next concept: Burke & Wills. Below the space soon to be the MCC was The Sunburnt Calf. One of 3 of their successful Sunburt outposts in the City. The owners wanted to update and elevate the Aussie inspired restaurant to represent the nuanced and layered diversity of Australia's cuisine and cocktail influences in an atmosphere that payed a little homage to some of Australia's heritage.

The goals were both straight forward and tricky: Do it Fast (the place was already successful as was), Do it right (more than a facelift, make it work functionally), and Don't piss off the customers that had been supporting them already (people get attached, you don't want to mess with that to much).

Challenge accepted.

The owners had a clear vision in mind, our task, help them see it, realize it, and tweak it where it mattered as points of function and experience.