Montage Promotional/Teaser video 

This is probably something that's compiled after the fact and used to promote next year, but if we can do something like this for 2014, maybe with 30 or 60 seconds, Awesome.

This video and the ones below, also all have formatted and designed graphics packages, title cards, text integration, etc. This is probably one of the bigger take aways of this page.



Another montage, specific to an event within the event. Interviews cut with action. This could be something with interviewing a capital sponsor who funded a major component, a featured artist, speaking to the ACM Master Class, Talking about the pitch competition, etc...



Behind the scenes / Lead up to Event Content.

Stuff like this could be shot during our Oklahoma kick off events, us meeting with sponsors/artists, companies preparing for their pitch competition efforts, featured bands playing OK venues before South By, etc... If doable in the time frame this content could be dropped in and marketed before live streaming to gain channel audience and build connection.


Oklahoma Montage Content. Bumper Videos. Things to promote coming to OK, working with our talent, using our resources, being inspired to connect with the state geographically, industrially, socially.


Same category. This one talks about why Detroit is the place to be Creatively right now. I like this mesage. I think it's very similar from a growth and resource standpoint to Oklahoma's message, except we didn't go bankrupt and become the murder capital to get there. Mainly the first 90 seconds and the final 20 are relevant.


Landscape and eco region shots. Drones...

If y'all can get Tom Selleck to narrate, well, that'll be the ballgame.

Edited Content Onsite. Intercut Bands stage performance with interview footage.